Restoring Hands

Your journey to a better future

Restoring Hands is a Maidstone based charity helping to empower people in the local community

Restoring Hands is a local charity that has been committed since it first started in 2006 to make a difference in this local community and help especially those most vulnerable. Our involvement in Maidstone has grown over the years but our passion has stayed the same: to be available where people around us need a friend or a helping hand.

What we do to help our community:

  • Running a food bank
  • Homeless banquets
  • Support women through challenging life circumstances
  • Partnering with local organisations to help make a difference

Restoring Hands food bank

Open Tuesdays 10 am – 12 at Jubilee Auditorium

The Restoring Hands Food Bank in Maidstone has been set up to provide temporary help for individuals and families in the Maidstone area who are in a temporary need or crisis. Working alongside local agencies, charities and churches, we want to ensure that no one goes hungry.

These parcels are given in exchange for a food voucher (evidence of the need) granted by various agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Social Services, council etc. As a general guide we will only be able to provide a food parcel per individual or family on four occasions within a 3 month period.

we want to ensure nobody goes hungry

Get in touch

Call: Jutta – 07706 780284

Jubilee Auditorium
Corner of Upper Stone Street & George Street
Maidstone ME15 6HD

Restoring Hands Charity number 1056210/1173152

Restoring Hands is supported by Jubilee Church